Commercial Backpack Vacuums

  1. Comfort Pro Turbo Backpack Vacuum
    Comfort Pro Turbo Backpack Vacuum
    Item# BP6S-KIT1
    Catalog: $543.00 Sale: $462.00
  2. Comfort Pro Ranger Backpack Vacuum
    Comfort Pro Ranger Backpack Vacuum
    Item# BP6S-KIT2
    Catalog: $732.00 Sale: $622.00
  3. Comfort Pro Turbo Ranger Backpack Vacuum
    Comfort Pro Turbo Ranger Backpack Vacuum
    Item# BP6S-KIT3
    Catalog: $805.00 Sale: $684.00
  4. Backpack Vacuum - 6 Qt. Standard
    Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum with Tools - 6 Quart Capacity
    Item# BP6S
    Catalog: $467.00 Sale: $397.00
  5. Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum - 10 Qt. Premium
    Premium Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum - 10 Quart
    Item# BP10P
    Catalog: $651.00 Sale: $553.00
  6. Pro-Lite Backpack Vacuum
    Pro-Lite Backpack Vacuum 4 qt.
    Item# BP4S
    Catalog: $362.00 Sale: $308.00
  7. Comfort Pro Freedom Cordless Backpack Vacuum
    Premium Comfort Pro Freedom Cordless Backpack Vacuum Harness & Tools
    Item# CPF6P-1C
    Catalog: $1,058.00 Sale: $900.00
  8. Comfort Pro Freedom Battery
    Comfort Pro Freedom Battery
    Item# X1200C
    Catalog: $1,254.99 Sale: $668.89




Powr-Flite's Comfort Pro Freedom brings best-in-class comfort with incredible battery technology to give you the cleaning freedom you need.


The long runtime and quick charge times make this a cordless backpack vacuum you can lean on for team cleaning on a daily basis.


Battery sold separately.





Comfort Pro Freedom BackpackComfort Pro Freedom Backpack

"I have used the Powr-Flite backpack vacuum for a couple of years. I clean a condo with 3 stories of interior and exterior carpet and the outlet is on the bottom floor, so it is more work manipulating the cord than the vacuuming would be alone. 

I bought the Freedom backpack vacuum and it is better than I expected. The machine can pick up gravel & paper clips (with the nozzle off), and does very well with the nozzle attachment on for regular carpet debris.

IT CUTS MY VACUUM TIME IN HALF! I love it! The battery life is very good."

"This is the second backpack vacuum that I've ordered for my employees. The Comfort Pro is extremely comfortable. The padded shoulder harness makes a big difference compared to the older models. Will be ordering another one very soon." 


Powr-Flite’s backpack vacuums are expertly designed to clean over 2.5 times faster than traditional uprights while keeping user comfort top-of-mind. Backpack vacuums remove dust, pet hair, dirt, and messes from all types of carpet and hardwood floors and are ideal for cleaning above-the-floor surfaces in busy commercial environments.


Comfort Pro backpack vacuums operate at a 62 dBA, making them ideal for daytime cleaning and sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools. Breathable and adjustable mesh straps keep users cool by pulling hot air away and preventing the backpack vacuum from weighing heavy on shoulders, ensuring an unparalleled level of comfort and efficiency.