Floor Scrubbers

  Cylindrical Brush Scrubbers  

Recommended For: Scrubbing small to medium-sized areas, uneven/grouted floors and rubber sport floors. Cylindrical brushes can get deep into grout lines and imperfections in flooring typically better than rotary brush scrubbers.

  Predator 14" Auto Scrubber  

Predator Floor ScrubberPredator Floor Scrubber

Ditch the mop and bucket!

Designed to clean in areas where a traditional mop and bucket are used, the Predator 14 leaves floors cleaner, safer and healthier - getting the job done faster while using less water and chemicals. Cover over 11,000 sq. ft./hr - outpacing any mopping efforts.

Simplicity is what this scrubber is all about. Your first-time employee will be able to operate the PAS14G with little training needed, just push the button and go. 


Recommended For: Anyone needing to upgrade from a mop and bucket - speeding up their cleaning process and providing cleaner floors. Best for smaller spaces and cleaning room to room where moving a larger scrubber may be cumbersome. The slim profile and sharp turning radius make this perfect for compact spaces and cleaning around objects.


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  Predator Brush-Assist Floor Scrubbers  

Simple and easy-to-use this daily workhorse is perfect for nearly any environment including schools, hospitals, retail spaces and more. Just add a pad or brush and you are ready to go!  The Predator scrubber is relied on by professional cleaners across the country on a daily basis to get the job done right. 



  • 200 RPM brush speed
  • Includes two 12-volt batters, charger and pad driver
  • Simple control panel includes key switch, better meter and hour meter

Two Options:

Predator Floor ScrubberPredator Floor Scrubber

  Phantom Traction-Drive Floor Scrubbers  

The Phantom Traction Drive Floor Scrubbers are rich with features and redefine premium scrubbers.  The effortless self-propelled traction drive and ergonomic fingertip controls set it apart from any other scrubber today.



  • 3-stage vacuum motor and a maximum recovery squeegee system
  • 225 RPM pad speed and major down pressure to tackle tough jobs
  • Large solution and recover tanks

Four Options:

Traction Drive Scrubbers

Phantom Traction Drive ScrubbersPhantom Traction Drive Scrubbers

You can clean a floor with a mop, wet/dry vac, and a floor machine, or you coud use an all-in-one automatic scrubber. The Phantom scrubber provides an effective, hygenic, and safer alternative that will ultimately make your floors last longer. These newly designed machines from Powr-Flite comes with user-friendly controls, better access inside of the machine and a better operator experience.

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More About Our Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Clean concrete, tile, and other hard flooring with a Powr-Flite automatic scrubber. Floor scrubbers remove dirt and clean more efficiently than traditional hand mops. Powr-Flite offers a wide range of auto scrubbers designed to meet the unique needs of every business and janitorial operation. Brush speeds range from 180 to 750 RPM to deliver a powerful clean. 68 to 70 dBA machines can be used in buildings that require minimal noise, such as hospitals and schools. Both walk-behind and ride-on models are available.