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Comfort Pro Turbo Ranger Backpack Vacuum


The Comfort Pro® Turbo Ranger is the ultimate vacuuming tool solution for hard and soft surfaces and those impossible-to-reach areas. It includes an air-powered turbine brush, a 20 ft. wand extension with duct and ceiling cleaning tools plus premium hard floor, carpet, and details tools for everyday vacuuming with a CRI Gold rated backpack.

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Product Overview



  • Extend your range to clean ledges, lights, ductwork, walls and corners erasing cobwebs, dust, and dirt with the Ranger toolkit

  • Tackle carpet of any height with the adjustable Turbo turbine carpet tool

  • Quickly move from hard floor to carpet cleaning tools for major time savings

  • Store detail tools directly on the waistband for quick access

  • Meet the highest indoor air quality standards with HEPA filtration

Engineered for maximum efficiency and cleaning performance, the Comfort Pro® Backpack Vacuums add ease to any fleet. Target hard-to-reach places with these unique detail tools and extendable wand.

Our Most Versatile Backpack Vacuum

Independent studies have proven backpack vacuums to be more efficient than using traditional uprights. With added detail tools for true carpet agitation and “above the floor” cleaning, the Comfort Pro® Turbo Ranger is our most adaptable vacuum yet. Seamlessly move room to room with little interruption thanks to the easy-on attachments. 

Superior Cleaning

The Comfort Pro® Line of backpack vacuums have been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) "Gold" Seal of Approval. This seal is in recognition of the skilled engineering that goes into these backpacks to provide a heightened standard of cleaning. All new attachments and 5-Stage HEPA filter combine for an unbeatable cleaning machine.

What's Included

The Standard Toolkit includes all of the tools you'll need for any detail cleaning job, plus hard floor and carpet tools - including our incredible Powr-Glide high-performance carpet tool. The standard 2 bend chrome wand does not attach to the waist belt.

  • 2 Section Bend Chrome Wand
  • 4 ft. Crush-Proof Hose
  • 14" Carpet Tool
  • 14" Powr-Glide Carpet Tool
  • 14" Hard Floor Tool
  • 5" Upholstery Tool
  • 3" Dusting Tool
  • 17" Crevice Tool

The X6002-TB Air Turbine Nozzle is the perfect tool for picking up pet hair and kicking up dirt buried deep into carpet fibers. Conquer carpet of any pile height thanks to the adjustable airflow valve that offers maximum agitation without damaging the carpet.

  • 11" Cleaning Width
  • New highly efficient air turbine
  • Adjustable airflow valve
  • Articulating swivel neck
  • Easy to remove turbine maintenance door
  • Soft rubber wheels to protect delicate floors
  • Floating brush roll avoids “bog down”

The X6004-HU 20' High-Up Cleaning Kit comes equipped with everything you need to target hard-to-reach areas. Comfortably clean ductwork and industrial piping without overreaching or putting added pressure on your back.

13” Wall Brush

Mesh Storage Bag

Upholstery Tool with Slide-on Brush

Cobweb Brush with Crevice Tool

25” - 40” Adjustable Stainless Steel Wand

8” - 10” Pipe/Duct Brush

4” - 6” Pipe/Duct Brush

5 x 1.5 Foot extension tubes

Curved handle with air regulator and button for 1.5” hose cuff

Choosing Bags

There are three bag options to fit your cleaning needs when using your Comfort Pro® backpack vacuum. Each pack comes with 10 bags.

HEPA bags are a perfect option anywhere higher than normal filtration is needed. HEPA bags are commonly used in hospitals and computer rooms where dust retention and air filtration are critical.

6 Qt. - X9739

Closed-mouth paper bags are the most popular option for Comfort Pro® backpack vacuums. Perfect for dust, dirt, and debris, they provide strong filtration and can be simply closed up and thrown away when done.

6 Qt. - X9735 

Open mouth bags will enable you to reuse a bag 3-4 times. Simply dump out debris once it's full and reinstall the bag in your Comfort Pro® backpack vacuum. Open mouth bags are ideal when picking up large amounts of debris or large pieces of debris is necessary.

6 Qt. - X9737

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Common Wear Items

  • Certification
    CRI Gold Level
  • Vacuum Motor
    1200 watts
  • Cleaning Productivity
    7,407 Sq. ft./hr.
  • Water Lift
  • Airflow (CFM)
  • Capacity
    6 qt.
  • Sound Level
    62 dBA
  • Harness Weight
    3.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    10 in x 12.5 in x 26.5 in
  • Cord Type
    16/3 SJT
  • Cord Length
    50 ft
  • Warranty
    2 Year Parts, 1 year Labor
  • Weight (lb)
  • Tools and Attachments
    Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Bare Floor Nozzle/Tool, Dusting Brush
  • California Residents
  • Cleaning Width
  • Handle Tube
    Extended reach up to 20'
  • Brush Motor
    Air-Turbine Powered