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  ITEM# PE200-G10-U        

The Pulsar line of carpet extractors are equipped with an Airwatt motor that is made to withstand wetter environments. What does that mean? The Pulsar will outlive competitors by a longshot. Not only that, the unique clamshell design makes maintaining your machine easier than ever. 


  ITEM# PF2030                     

Entering our Top Products list this month is the PF2030 Wide Area Vacuum that is perfect for conquering large spaces like ballrooms, tracks and parking lots. 

"We have had the vacuum for nearly two months and everyone that has used it loves it. It does a great job of cleaning and is very quiet."

- Greg, Powr-Flite User


 ITEM# BP6S                       

For jobs with a lot of ground to cover, the Comfort Pro® Backpack Vacuum offers versitility as well as efficiency. The Comfort Pro® allows operators seamlessly move from carpet to above the floor cleaning without hassel. 


3 New Comfort Pro® Backpack Vacuums designed for targeted cleaning.


 ITEM# PAS14G              

Simplicity is what this scrubber is all about. Your first-time employee will be able to operate the PAS14G with little training needed, just push the button and go.

Ditch the Mop and Bucket.


  ITEM# PFMW14         

The Multiwash is capable of dispensing solution, scrubbing and recovering dirty water all in one pass. Fast-moving, counter-rotating brushes efficiently clean a variety of surfaces. 

One machine, multiple floor types:


 ITEM# PF62EC              

Weighing only 8 lbs., the Pro-Lite is extremely easy to transport and operate. This vacuum features a powerful motor with twin fans and aggressive agitation for excellent cleaning results. The dual fan technology provides greater airflow- improving edge cleaning on both sides of the machine.

Lightweight vacuum for heavy-duty cleaning.

 The Comfort Pro Turbo Ranger comes equipped with an Air Turbine Nozzle, a Ranger 20' Cleaning Kit, as well as a standard 8-piece tool kit to tackle a variety of jobs whether that's a hard to reach corner or dusty light fixtures.



  ITEM# PFX900S          

This 9-gallon carpet extractor features a 1,300 RPM floating brush head that maximizes agitation and leaves carpets cleaner than traditional extractors. Its slim profile allows operators to maneuver in tight spaces, and the 12-inch wheels easily climb stairs. 

This machine is ideal for restaurants, retail spaces, classrooms, and even hospitals among others. 


  ITEM# PDH2                     

Long-lasting and durable, the Hybrid dryer is built with heavy-duty, co-polymer polypropylene to withstand the tough, every-day use of contract cleaners, restoration professionals and more. The best part?  Daisy chain up to 4 dryers on one 15 amp circuit.


  ITEM# PF58                     

Powr-Flite Wet Dry vacuums have the capacity and power for large water recovery jobs or dry debris pick-up. Made to move with you, the swivel hose connector allows 360° hose rotation, letting you clean freely without fear of disconnect.

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