Conquer It All 

Comfortable to wear and easy to operate, the Comfort Pro® line of backpack vacuums provide 24/7 peace of mindPerform like a Pro no matter the time. Late nightslong days- tackle it all with the right tools that won’t let you down.   

Tools For Every Task

Every model of the Comfort Pro® Backpack vacuum comes with a full toolkit set that is easy-to-use and easy-to-attach. The Comfort Pro is truly a powerful, multi-tasker master.

Hard wood? Tile? Carpet? We’ve got you covered.

Above floor cleaning? Yep, those tools are included too.

The onboard tool storage will keep everything you need close at hand for less trips and a faster finish!

Custom Comfort

Work freely and easily with the Comfort Pro® backpack vacuums. With just a few adjustments, the Comfort Pro® was designed to accommodate a variety users. The lightweight design helps reduce fatigue without compromising on power. Not only that, the signature hourglass body of the Comfort Pro® forms a protective shell around the 5-Stage HEPA filter making superior cleaning even more comfortable.

The Comfort Pro® backpack vacuum does all the hard work for you.

  • Breathable, mesh harness keeps you cooler
  • Wide belt stabilizes movement
  • Tools eliminate unnecessary bending and stretching

Rest Easy Comfort Pro® 

Can you change a bag? You’re a Comfort Pro®.  

Do you know how to replace the filter? Easy when you’re a Comfort Pro®. 

Simply put, Comfort Pros operate with minimal down time and less late-night calls.


With an adjustable, quick-comfort harness and tools to take on any task, these backpack vacuums turn any operator into a Comfort Pro®. Take comfort in knowing the job is done right.


Articulating Head

Detail Tools

Extendable Reach

Locking Nozzles


*Battery Sold Separately

Item# X1200