Classic Metal Floor Machine 20" 1.5 HP


Powr-Flite’s 20" 1.5 hp Classic floor machine provides the solid performance of an all-metal housing with the best motors and components available.


Pad driver sold separately.

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Product Overview

175 RPM floor machines use a heavy-duty all-steel triple planetary transmission to stand up to your most demanding work. All metal handle housings, tube and trigger assemblies add to the long-lasting durability of the machine.



  • 1.5 hp, 175 RPM motor
  • All Steel Triple Planetary Gear Box
  • Thumb activated safety interlock switch prevents accidental start-ups
  • High polish chrome finish is chip and corrosive resistant, keeping the Classic looking newer longer
  • Full surround non-marking bumpers help prevent damage to walls and furniture
  • Each machine is assembled and tested by our skilled team in Texas

"I bought my first Powr-Flite floor machine 10 years ago. I now own 5. These machines are the best I have ever used." - Dan J.

Pad driver sold separately.

Powr-Flite offers high-quality pad drivers as an additional accessory to your floor machine. While a required accessory in order to operate your floor machine with a floor pad Powr-Flite offers this as an optional add-on since many users already have universal pad drivers in their fleet of equipment. 


If you do not have a pad driver be sure to add one to your floor machine purchase. Visit our Pad Driver 101 page for more information or add a pad driver on the next tab.

Tufted Pad Driver

Polymeric Pad Driver



Classic Design, Modern Performance

The Classic line combines the enduring popularity of an all-metal floor machine with the most technologically advanced motors, transmissions and electrical components.




Assembled in Fort Worth, TX

Each machine is assembled and tested by our Texas-based team to make sure it stands up to our reputation for making the best swing machines available anywhere. 

Recommendations By Floor Type

Recommended: Choose a pad the same size or 1" larger than your pad driver and choose a brush 2" smaller than your machine size. 

Blue Pad

BL0520 - 20"

Best For: Light to Medium Soil

Green Pad

GR0520- 20"

GR0518 - 18"

Best For: Medium+ Soil

Medium Grit

PFMG18 - 18"

Best For: Light Soil

Lite Grit Brush

PFHG18 - 18"

Best For: Medium+ Soil

Recommended: Choose a pad the same size or 1" larger than your pad driver and choose a brush 2" smaller than your machine size. Softer pads and brushes are recommended to protect the epoxy coating.

White Pad

WT0520 - 20"

WT0521 - 21"

Best For: Light Soil

Red Pad

RD0520- 20"

RD0521 - 21"

Best For: Medium+ Soil Medium+ Soil

Nylon Soft Fill Brush

SF718 - 18"

Best For: Light Soil

Poly Brush

SF618 - 18"

Best For: Medium+ Soil


What pad should I pick?

While there can be a lot of varying opinions and grey area when it comes to selecting a pad there are a few general rules of thumb to go by. If you are stripping we recommend a black pad for standard floor stripping jobs. If the floor you are stripping is caked in finish and needs a lot of work use a more aggressive stripping pad like a Burgandy stripping pad. For light cleaning or spray, buffing choose a red pad. For heavier duty-scrubbing, you should choose between and blue scrubbing pad or a green scrubbing pad. If polishing is the task at hand then choose a white pad

What brush should I use?

If you are needing a brush for carpet useat a showerfed brush. This could be Nylon Shampoo Brush, which is the softest, a Soft Nylon Scrub Brushes, which is a good all-around carpet brush, a SpinSafe brush which includes a glide plate in the center reducing the impact on the carpet, or a Powr-Riser which includes an adjustable glide plate. For most instances, a Polypropylene or Nylon brush is the preferred tool.

For scrubbing unfinished concrete or stripping jobs use a Grit brush.  Choose a Medium Grit, Heavy Grit, or Extra Heavy Grit brush for stripping jobs depending on how aggressive the brush needs to be. The Medium Grit Brush is suitable for most stripping needs. Use a Lite Grit brush for general floor scrubbing on unfinished concrete and a Wire Scrub Brush for very aggressive stripping and scrubbing jobs on unfinished concrete.

When maintaining floors with a finish use a Medium Nylon Scrub Brushes brush for general scrubbing or a Soft Nylon Scrub Brushes brush for cleaning highly polished floors.

Frequently Bought Together

Common Wear Items

  • RPM
  • Housing Type
    All Metal
  • Warranty
    1 Year Parts and Labor
  • Weight (lb)
  • California Residents
  • Pad Size
  • Motor
    1.5 hp
  • Transmission
    Triple planetary drive
  • Cord Strain Relief
    Heavy duty metal, lock nut and spring
  • Operation Control
    Dual lever on/off safety switch
  • Motor #
  • Circuit Breaker #
  • Sheer Pin #
  • Cord #
  • Switch #
  • Clutch Plate #
    UP2 (Metal) or UP2P (Plastic)