A pad driver secures to a floor scrubber or floor machine and is what the floor pad attaches to.


The floor pad is what makes contact with the floor and performs the scrubbing and cleaning, not the pad driver


IMPORTANT: Never use a pad driver without a pad.



Pad drivers can come with a riser or without a riser.  A riser simply gives additional clearance under a floor machine or scrubber.

Pad Driver Without RiserPad Driver Without Riser
Pad Driver Without Riser
Pad Driver With RiserPad Driver With Riser
Pad Driver With Riser

This additional clearance allows you to use a larger size pad driver and pad (ie: a wider cleaning path and therefore more coverage which equals time savings).


If you are using a 17" floor machine you need to choose between:


  • A pad driver with a riser - The riser will provide the clearance needed under the floor machine allowing you to put a 17" pad driver on a 17" machine which can then use a 17" pad on the pad driver.
  • A pad driver without a riser - Select a pad driver that is smaller than 17" since the 17" pad driver won't fit within the 17" floor machine diameter. 

    • Note: When choosing a pad driver without a riser select one that is 1" - 2" smaller than your floor machine diameter. So a 17" floor machine would use a 15" or 16" pad driver without a riser and 15"  or 16" floor pads.


Tufted Pad Drivers

Tufted Pad DriversTufted Pad Drivers
  • 3/4" staple set Polypropylene strands
  • Trimmed irregular for maximum grip
  • Penetrates the pad for incredible holding power
  • Showerfeed system included for use with a solution tank
  • Include a 1 1/4" riser

Polymeric Pad Driver

Polymeric Pad DriversPolymeric Pad Drivers
  • Tough Polymer construction
  • Available in TRI-LOK and MIGHTY-LOK versions
  • Leverages small hooks to grasp pad
  • Showerfeed system included for use with a solution tank
  • TRI-LOK version offers a cost-effective option for pads and bonnets