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16" Pad driver with 1/4" riser with UP2P clutch plate

1/2" long heavy polypropylene bristles with 1/2" staple set for secure pad holding and includes a 1 1/4" riser. Fits 17" Powr-Flite floor machines.

Replacement clutch plates and risers can be purchased for maintenance needs. Clutch plates come in both plastic and metal options and are available regardless of what was on the original pad driver as it maintains the 5" centerhole to fit your machine.  Riser replacements are 1 1/4" in size.


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Product Overview


When adding a pad driver to your floor machine there are two main options to choose from - a Tufted Pad Driver or a Polymeric Pad Driver.


The main difference is how the pad drivers hold onto the pad. A Tufted Pad Driver usings heavy 1/2" long polypropylene bristles to secure the pad. The Polymeric Pad Driver uses small hooks to grasp the floor pad.


Either option holds the floor pad to the driver and floor machine as well as the other. A Tufted Pad Driver is generally more durable since it is constructed from thicker material and allows for replaceable parts if something breaks. The Polymeric Pad Driver is usually the more economical choice.


Visit our Pad Driver 101 page to learn more about the function of a pad driver.





           1. SDA50M - 1 1/4" Riser Replacement


           2. UP2P - Plastic Clutch Plate Replacement

                Also Available: UP2 - Metal Clutch Plate Replacement


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