Deciding on whether you need a backpack vacuum or a traditional upright vacuum can sometimes seem like your splitting hairs when comparing features. The truth is, there are several factors that can help you decide which machine is more fitting for your needs. To simplify this, we like to break down the decision-making process into 3 levels of consideration: PROJECT, PLACE & PREFERENCE

Read below to understand why these 3 factors make all the difference when deciding which machine to purchase. 


Consider: How will you be using this machine? What is the job that needs to be done?  

To put it simply, if you are strictly vacuuming floors and nothing else, a traditional upright vacuum will suffice. Particularly in areas where you need the full strength of the suction directly on the carpet. Upright vacuums also utilize a rotating brushroll to deep clean and penetrate problem areas. However, if you’ll be collecting dust and debris above the ground (like blinds or upholstery) a backpack vacuum offers more versatility.




Consider: Will there be furniture or other obstacles in your way? Are stairs involved?

In smaller rooms (like single occupancy apartments or motel rooms) having an extra load on your back may lead to unwanted accidents. On the other hand, in other small spaces (like a cubicle office building) a backpack vacuum is easier to maneuver around furniture and take on high-traffic staircases.


Consider: What does your budget look like? Where will these be housed when not in use?

If you’re still torn on which type of vacuum to choose when you get to this level of consideration, a lot of it comes down to user preference. For everyday use, backpack vacuums are more ergo-dynamic for the operator. If you prefer extra agitation from the brush roll with an additional tool kit, an upright vacuum may be more suitable.




Have you decided which machine is best for you?

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