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Sidewinder Scalloped Carpet Tool, 15", black

Sidewinder tools feature a unique swivel design that allows for edge, wall and floor cleaning...all of the vacuuming and "above-the-floor" jobs such as window ledges, baseboards, and door frames. The swivel head allows the tool to stay on the surface as it is moved up, down, or across the area being cleaned.

Note: Can only be attached to Sidewinder Wands.

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Product Overview

• 1-1/2" tools are perfect for backpack and canister vacuums
• Vacuuming side to side in a sweeping motion reduces back strain and increases productivity
• Clean stairs fast with the tools that adjust to your angle and the size of the stairs
• Narrow design allows for easy maneuverability around frames and venting or on ledges
• Reach heights of 14 to 18 ft. by simply adding one of the telescopic wands to your existing wand
• Add flexibility with the half curved wand to clean elevated horizontal surfaces comfortably from the floor