Neutral pH Extraction Cleaner - Powr-Extract, 1 quart

Mild but effective chemistry quickly dissolves the most stubborn soils leaving carpets clean and "factory fresh".

  • Mild formulation effectively removes the deepest soils
  • Non-resoiling formula. Low foaming
  • Safe for 5th generation carpets and all fabrics


  1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
  2. Test for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.
  3. In heavily soiled areas prespray with Force Recon traffic lane cleaner and prespray.

Suggested Dilution Ratios

Light Soils: 1 oz. per gallon (1-128)
Moderate Soils: 2 oz. per gallon (1-64)
Heavy Soils: 3 oz. per gallon (1-43)

4. Extract using an overlapping method

*If foaming occurs add defoamer to recovery tank.

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Product Overview
Neutral pH Extraction Cleaner - Powr-Extract, 1 quart
  • Gallon
    1 Quart
  • Job Type
    Extraction Cleaner