Full Facility Cleaning Kit


Move room-to-room and effortlessly scrub one building top to bottom with this Full Facility Cleaning Kit.  The Multiwash scrubber quickly lays down cleaning solution, scrubs and recovers all in one pass!

Kit includes:

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Product Overview


  • Counter-rotating cylindrical brushes provide deep scrubbing at 650 RPMs - over three times higher than rotary brush scrubbers and 4-6 times more contact pressure for superior cleaning
  • Save time with self-cleaning brushes - no messy pads to worry about
  • One set of brushes = about 100-floor pads
  • Eco-friendly low moisture cleaning uses 30% less chemical and water
  • Whisper quiet 69 dBA level  - meets LEED requirements

What All Comes In This Kit

14" Multiwash

The Multiwash Scrubber is perfect for someone who needs a quick and easy solution for multiple floor types. With 4 brushes to choose from, nearly every carpet and hard floor care job can be completed with the Multiwash Scrubber.

Maverick Neutral Floor Cleaner
A pH neutral cleaner specifically designed for floor cleaning, Maverick's neutral pH allows it to remove the dirt but not the shine. Strong enough to handle the toughest jobs but still safe for daily use on finished floors.

PFMW14 Hard Brush
Best for heavy scrubbing applications where a stiff brush at 650 RPM's isn't an issue including escalator belts, soiled unfinished concrete and other unfinished hard surfaces.

  • Cord Length
    40 ft.
  • Battery
  • Floor Scrubber Type
    Cylindrical Brush
  • Brush Motor
    750 watt, 110 volt AC / 60 Hz
  • Brush Speed
    650 RPM
  • Cleaning Width
  • Productivity
    5,500 sq. ft./hr.
  • Sound Level
    69 dBA
  • Dimensions
    15 in x 17 in x 44 in
  • Warranty
    1 Year Parts and Labor, 10 Years Housing
  • California Residents