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Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper - Liquidate

HARD FLOOR CARE - A high-performance wax and finish remover formulated to remove years of buildup caused by excessive recoating and ultra high-speed burnishing. 

  • Works in hot or cold water
  • Dissolves heavy build-ups
  • Low foaming
  • No harsh chemical odor

Dilution Information

  • Light Soil: 16 oz per gallon dilution - $1.88 cost per gallon
  • Heavy Soil: 32 oz per gallon dilution - $3.77 cost per gallon

Case includes

  • 4 one-gallon bottles
  1. Dust mop floor, remove gum, tape, etc. with floor scrapper.
  2. Dilute Liquidate 16 oz. per gallon of water (1 part stripper to 8 parts water).
  3. Flood floor with Liquidate, allow to dwell for 10 minutes.
  4. Machine scrub thoroughly using black stripping pad.
  5. Pick up solution using wet/dry vacuum.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with clear water.

*For heavy build up or frequently burnished floors dilute Liquidate 32 oz. per gallon (1-4).

Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper - Liquidate
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Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper - Liquidate