18% Low Solids Hard Floor Finish - Star Bright


"18% solids" floor coating - A unique formula of acrylic polymers that protects, beautifies and prolongs the life of the floor. Provides a high gloss shine with superior durability. Excellent response to spray buffing and mop on restorers.


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Product Overview


  1. Strip floors completely, using Powr-Flite Stripper.
  2. Rinse floor thoroughly, removing all residue. Allow drying.
  3. Pour Star Bright into a clean bucket (bucket can be lined with a can liner).
  4. Saturate a clean synthetic mop, press out excess finish.
  5. Apply Star Bright using the figure eight method in medium coats.
  6. Allow drying completely, repeating until desired appearance is achieved.
  • Gallon
    1 Gallon
  • Job Type
    Burnishing Finish