22% High Solids Floor Finish - High Calibur, 1 gallon

High Caliber is a 22% solids floor coating for ultra-high speed burnishing. The metal cross-linked formula provides excellent, gloss, durability and scuff resistance on all types of flooring.

  • Provides durable high gloss finish
  • Versatile for all types of flooring
  • Self-leveling. Non-yellowing. Non-powdering
  • Slip resistant to ASTM-D2047
  • No dilution necessary, ready-to-use!
  1. Strip floor completely, using Powr-Flite Stripper.
  2. Rinse floor thoroughly, removing all residue. Allow to dry.
  3. Pour High Caliber into a clean mop bucket (bucket can be lined with a can liner). Saturate a clean synthetic mop, and press out excess finish.
  4. Apply High Caliber in thin to medium coats. Allow finish to completely dry between coats. Repeat until desired appearance is achieved.

22% High Solids Floor Finish - High Calibur, 1 gallon
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