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BP6 & CPF6S Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuums Bags

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  1. X9739
    Comfort Pro 6 Qt. HEPA Bag - 10 Pack
    Item# X9739
    Catalog: $24.76 Sale: $19.81
  2. X9735
    Comfort Pro 6 Qt. Closed Mouth Paper Bag - 10 Pack
    Item# X9735
    Catalog: $10.72 Sale: $8.58
  3. X9737
    Comfort Pro 6 Qt. Open Mouth Paper Bag - 10 Pack
    Item# X9737
    Catalog: $15.15 Sale: $12.12
  4. X9679A
    6 Qt. Shake Out Bag - Comfort Pro Backpack Vacuum
    Item# X9679A
    Catalog: $10.98 Sale: $8.78

HEPA Paper Bags- # X9739

HEPA bags are a perfect option anywhere higher than normal filtration is needed. HEPA bags are commonly used in hospitals and computer rooms where dust retention and air filtration are critical.

Closed Mouth Paper Bags- X9735 

Closed-mouth paper bags are the most popular option for Comfort Pro backpack vacuums. Perfect for dust, dirt, and debris, they provide strong filtration and can be simply closed up and thrown away when done.

Open Mouth Paper Bags- X9737

Open mouth bags will enable you to reuse a bag 3-4 times. Simply dump out debris once it's full and reinstall the bag in your Comfort Pro backpack vacuum. Open mouth bags are ideal when picking up large amounts of debris or large pieces of debris is necessary.