Top 5 Heated Carpet Extractors



At a low base cost, you get a high-quality heated extractor assembled and QC tested from our Fort Worth, TX extractor plant.  The extractor includes hoses and a power cord with 100 PSI of power. This portable carpet extractor will fit most everyday needs and includes a 10-gallon solution tank and 8-gallon recovery tank.

10 Gallon Heated Carpet Extractor10 Gallon Heated Carpet Extractor

Item# PFX1080E


This 13-gallon heated extractor kicks it up a notch with a larger solution tank size over the 10 gallon. This results in a slightly taller machine, if space is a concern, but allows the user to cover significantly more ground in one solution tank.

13 Gallon Heated Carpet Extractor13 Gallon Heated Carpet Extractor

Item# PFX1380E


While similar to #5 on our list this unit goes a step further and not only includes power cords and hoses but also includes a high-quality stainless steel carpet extractor wand. This provides you all the equipment you need to get a job done immediately out of the box and you can expect it to last a long time since all of Powr-Flite carpet extractors are assembled and tested in our Fort Worth, TX plant.

10 Gallon Carpet Extractor with Wand10 Gallon Carpet Extractor with Wand

Item# PFX1080ESP


The Airwatt heated carpet extractor incorporates a motor specifically designed for the moisture-laden environments of extractors and combines that with incredible power and heat. The result is a best-in-class extractor with 500 PSI that will last years longer than those with traditional vac motors.

Airwatt Heated Carpet ExtractorAirwatt Heated Carpet Extractor

Item# PFX1085EAW2


This is hands-down our most popular extractor as it has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. This includes dual 3-stage vac motors, sound suppression, a 500 PSI pump, 1800 watt heater plus a high power Wonder Wand, hoses and power cords. If you want to have it all then you want a BlackMax extractor!

BlackMax Heated Carpet Extractor KitBlackMax Heated Carpet Extractor Kit

Item# PFX1085MAX2