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Spray Buff - Boomerang, 1 gallon


A ready to use spray buff that cleans and restores in one easy application. Its blended system of petroleum distillates and polymers are capable of removing black heel marks, scuffs and restoring a wet look shine. Boomerang can be used with all speeds of machines.


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Product Overview


  1. Dust mop floor, remove gum, tape, etc. with a floor scrapper.
  2. Damp mop floor removing all surface dirt.
  3. Put a clean floor pad on pad driver.
  4. Apply Boomerang to the floor in a fine mist.
  5. Buff or Burnish until a high gloss appears.
  6. Change pad when pad becomes imbedded with dirt, flip pad over and spray buff solution.

*If floor shows a film or inconsistent shine, this indicates excessive spray buff.

  • Part Type
  • Gallon
    1 Gallon
  • Job Type
    Spray Buffing