DEMO - Crossover Ride On Scrubber

DEMO - Crossover Ride On Scrubber

Crossover to a new category of scrubber with the Crossover, Powr-Flite's new automatic ride-on scrubber. With the comfort and productivity of a ride-on at the price of walk-behind, the Crossover delivers an effective clean all while saving you labor and operating costs. The Crossover's 26" cleaning path and up to 4 hours of continuous runtime allows for cleaning up to 42,000 sq.ft./hr. The compact design allows greater maneuverability, better visibility, and the ability to clean hard-to-clean edges and corners. Powr-Flite's Crossover is a ride-on automatic scrubber truly in a category all it own.

• 26” cleaning path efficiently cleans up to 42,000 sq. ft./hr.
• Unique, forward-positioned brush deck reaches hard-to-clean edges and corner
• Operators can clean better with clear visibility lines
• Adjustable down-pressure, up to 88 lbs., tailors the ideal pressure for any hard floor surface
• Compact design maneuvers through doorways and in and out of elevators
• Ships complete with charger, batteries, and pad drivers

DEMO - Crossover Ride On Scrubber


Why walk when you can ride? Crossover to a new category of automatic scrubber!


Boundary-Pushing Design Mobility + Footprint Priced for Crossover Appeal

The unique forward-positioned brush deck is designed to reach hard-to-clean edges and corners. Plus, it allows operators the best view of their cleaning path by sitting them directly above the squeegee. The patented pad driver with a unique interlocking design requires only one motor, making it extremely quiet (<64 dBA) and extending the battery life for up to 4 hours of continuous use.

The Crossover is able to clean tight spaces and maneuver through commercial doorways and elevators with ease. With a footprint smaller than most walk-behind scrubbers, storage is simple. Additionally, efficiency is not comprised by its compact build with the 26" cleaning path able to clean up to 42,000 sq.ft./hr.

Providing the comfort and productivity of a ride-on scrubber at the price of a walk-behind, the Crossover is unlike any scrubber on the market. It's single motor design reduces cost and maintenance without sacrificing power or performance.

Learn how to use and maintain the Crossover

How do I drain the solution tank?
There is a spigot located on the bottom-front, brake side of the unit that will allow you to drain the solution tank. Please only drain over an approved floor drain or area.

What type of batteries does the Crossover use?
The Crossover is powered by two, T-1275 Trojan batteries.


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