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Multiwash Scrubber

Clean hard floors, wood, carpet, sport floors and more with one machine!

• Counter-rotating cylindrical brushes provide deep scrubbing at 650 RPMs - over three times higher than rotary brush scrubbers and 4-6 times more contact pressure for superior cleaning
• Save time with self-cleaning brushes - no messy pads to worry about
• One set of brushes = about 100 floor pads
• Eco-friendly low moisture cleaning uses 30% less chemical and water
• Whisper quiet 69 dBA level for anytime cleaning - meets LEED requirements

The Multiwash Scrubber is perfect for someone who needs a quick and easy solution for multiple floor types. With 4 brushes to choose from, nearly every hard floor care job can be completed with the Multiwash Scrubber.


Multiwash Scrubber

This item is temporarily out-of-stock. Please call 800.880.2913 for up-to-date availability information.

Maximized Efficiency
Counter-rotating brushes and recovery drum allow the Multiwash to dispense solution, scrub the surface and recover dirty water in one pass. Removable tanks make cleaning easy, without the use of tools.

Clean Almost Any Surface
The Multiwash is designed to clean multiple floor types, including sports floors, carpet, grouted tile and more.


Model PFMW14 Power Cord 40' - 14/3
Dimensions (L x W x H) 15 in x 17 in x 44 in
Cleaning Path 13 in Standard Brush PFMWSD
Cleaning Rate 5,500 sq. ft./hr. Soft Brush PFMWSF
Solution Tank 1 gal. Hard Brush PFMWHBD
Brush Motor 750 watt, 110 volt AC / 60 Hz Escalator Brush PFMWEB
Brush Speed 650 RPM Side Brush PFMWSB
Sound Level 69 dBA Transport Cart 05-3395-0500
Height - Machine Body 8.25 in    
Weight 53 lbs.    

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Hands-on with the Multiwash
Choosing the right brush
Put to the test

What brushes do you recommend for different applications?
The Multiwash comes with a standard (black) cylindrical brush set that delivers a level of abrasion suitable for most floor types. We also offer an optional heavy-duty (blue) brush for more aggressive cleaning, a soft (gray) brush for specialty carpet applications and softer surfaces, an escalator cleaning brush and an optional side brush to effectively widen your cleaning path.

Soft Brush

Hard Brush

Escalator Brush

Side Brush

Soft brush for specialty carpet applications such as wool or cut pile carpets. Recommended for use on softer surfaces such as sports mats.Hard brush for more aggressive abrasion on hard surfaces. Great for deep grout lines.Separated rows of bristles make this brush perfect for cleaning escalators. Optional side brush safely cleans baseboards and walls. Attaches easily without the use of tools.


Is the Multiwash safe for sports floors?
A common concern for gym owners is keeping their expensive floor mats clean, healthy and looking new for as long as possible. Most use a mop and bucket to clean their mats, fearing that a machine of any kind could cause damage. The Multiwash is gentle enough to safely clean rubber floor mats. An optional soft brush is available - ideal for softer mats like foam. Unlike the mop and bucket, the Multiwash recovers the dirt, sweat and debris, instead of just pushing it around the mats. Watch the demo.

Quickly and easily clean - without damage

Maneuver around equipment

Deep clean for "healthy" mats

Even after repeated use on the sports floors, no brush marks can be found. With various brush options available, the Multiwash easily adapts to any type of sports floor in your gym. The small profile of the Multiwash allows you to maneuver around your equipment easily - preventing damage. Even after mats have been cleaned with a mop and bucket, the Multiwash is able to recover a large amount of dirt from the mats.


What types of flooring can the Multiwash be used on?
The Multiwash can be used on almost every type of flooring available. Cylindrical brushes allow you to clean grout lines on tiled surfaces, as well as clean difficult surfaces - such as Pirelli. The Multiwash is gentle enough on soft surfaces like carpet and sports floors to not cause damage while cleaning. We recommend these brushes for the floor types listed below:





Sports Floors




Standard brush Soft brush Standard brush Hard brush Soft brush Standard brush Standard brush Soft brush





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"Wow this thing is amazing! It blows away any other equipment or process we've used in the past, even works great on low pile carpet. Can't live without this innovative tool now! Thanks Powr-Flite!!"
– Randy, Torrance, CA
"I bought this machine to do finished tile floor. The standard brush does a good job. Does decent job getting floors clean. However I have used a CAS16 and it is better.The stiff standard brush on the CAS16 will not work on polished floors. Powerflite needs to bring back the soft brush for that unit. The multiwash makes less noise."
"The multiple wash scrubber has transformed the residential floor care . It is extremely powerful yet delicate and safe. We use it on all floor types with amazing results. The machine is compact, portable , very durable, and incredibly easy and safe to use. Also cleaning and brush change is a breeze. I would recommend this machine to any one with residential or small to medium floor contracts."
– David goode, Groton, CT
"Less body exertion to clean carpet and tile, quick clean up, customers love it for fast dry time, its convenient."
"After years of searching for the right equipment to clean the mats in our martial arts school, we finally found the Multiwash Scrubber. I could not ask for an easier machine than this. No more scrubbing on hands and knees to clean Tatami mats. This machine is about as simple as it gets. I wish we had found it sooner. It has already paid for itself."
"I purchased this Multiwash Scrubber used, but in fair condition. It is surprising how much I have come to be reliant on it, as standalone, or as pre-extract in cleaning carpet. It works great even without the solution handle, which was broke when purchased. It also works super on ceramic tile and grout. I would not be without this machine."
– Edward, Ponce de Leon, FL
"The Multiwash is our tool of choice for cleaning our martial arts studio. We were worried that any type of machine would leave scuff marks on a soft gym mat, but the Multiwash does its job without damaging them."
– Amy, Benbrook, TX
"I was undecided on this machine or a small floor machine for my c-store. I chose this one and I made the right choice, It is small but I can do 2000 square feet in 45 minutes or less. This includes rugs and tile floor. It cleans very well and is very easy to use, my high school employees have no problem running this machine. Thanks for great machine!!! Barry"
– Barry, Surrey, ND
"We purchased this machine for cleaning our tile floors in our hotel and the pool area. It does a great job, and leaves the surface nearly dry. I would highly recommend purchasing the separate wheel dolly for the unit as it is quite heavy to move when it is not operating. However, my 73 year-old asst. head housekeeper has no problem operating it. We are very pleased with this power flite product."
– Cindy Reid, Miles City, MT
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