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Nomad Multi-Unit Carpet Extractor

Nomad extractors combine power and portability for unmatched performance in multi-unit settings like apartments or hotel rooms. 

• 50 foot, no-tangle hose for mobility throughout multiple rooms
• Dump valve set for ADA standard toilet height, allowing for quick and easy draining of recovery tank
• Two-stage Airwatt vacuum motor provides superior performance
• Compact size for transport and maneuverability
• Large "stair climbing" wheels and front mount carrying handle to maneuver up and down stairs
• User-friendly control switches
• Ships with 50 foot hose and 12 inch wand
• Optional accessories include crevice, detail, hand, upholstery and stair tools, to tackle almost any job

Nomad Multi-Unit Carpet Extractor
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Product Overview

Maximum Performance

Designed specifically for use in apartments, hotel rooms, or similar applications, Nomad Multi-Unit Extractors are perfect for everything from interim maintenance to deep restoration cleaning. The Nomad is constructed of a durable rotationally molded polyethylene to endure the rigors of daily use. The units have a compact vertical design, making them easy to store, transport and use. 

Tankless Operation

Without a built-in solution tank, Nomad Extractors allow operators to use a bathtub, sink or even a bucket as the solution/water source and dispel dirty water directly from the machine into a toilet or drain. The extractor remains stationary while its 50' hose and cleaning wand offers unparalleled maneuverability. 


Note: This machine comes equipped with a thermal coupler to prevent the motor from overheating. Use water no more than 100O to ensure optimal performance.

    • Solution Pressure
    • 220 p.s.i.
    • Wand Included
    • No
    • Vacuum Motor
    • 2-Stage
    • Recovery Tank
    • 13 gallon
    • Weight (lb)
    • 65