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Nebula Multipurpose Tool: Disinfectant Mister / Extractor / Detail Cleaner

DISINFECT EVERYTHING YOU MIST! One machine that can both mist disinfectant and performs small extraction jobs in high traffic areas or upholstery. 
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Nebula Multipurpose Tool: Disinfectant Mister / Extractor / Detail Cleaner
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Product Overview


  • Designed for use with all water-based disinfectants on the EPA "List N"
  • Includes two brass spray tips - Fan Nozzle (.25 Gallons Per Minute Rate) and Atomizing Nozzle (.05 Gallons Per Minute Rate)
  • Whisper quiet when in mist-only mode
  • 3.5-gallon solution
  • On-board storage for hoses, wands, and nozzles
  • 35’ Misting Hose, 18” Misting Wand, 25’ power cord
  • Built-in dolly with wheels features a collapsible handle for easy use and storage

Superior Reach

35' misting cord and 25' cord allow for 120' of complete disinfecting coverage. Nebula mists your facility with disinfectant using a 35-foot hose that makes it a snap to disinfect multiple rooms. Best of all, the 25' cord gives you plenty of reach. Portable and lightweight,  It also quickly picks up small wet spills and spot clean high-touch areas such as chairs and couch arms. 

10' Rigid Hose with Outsider Solution Line

The Powr-Flite Nebula mister and specialty cleaner makes it easy for you to use disinfectant and quickly clean fabric high-touch areas. 10' hose length provides the flexibility needed to reach almost anywhere you need to clean. The compact design weighs only 36 lbs. effortlessly moved from location to location with an extendable telescoping handle and 5” transport wheels.  

18 inch misting wand easily applies disinfectant to everything.18 inch misting wand easily applies disinfectant to everything.

Misting Wand

Durable 18' misting wand easily applies disinfectant. Two included nozzle tips meet application needs. 

Hand tool is great for spot treatment and cleaning upholstery.Hand tool is great for spot treatment and cleaning upholstery.

Hand Tool 

Great for both spot/upholstery and detail cleaning of fabrics, upholstery and carpeting.

Easy transport with telescopic handle and 5" transport wheels.Easy transport with telescopic handle and 5" transport wheels.

Easy Transport

The Powr-Flite Nebula comes standard with a telescopic handle for easy transport.

How to Mist:

  1. Add water and manufacturer’s recommended solution ratio into the solution tank. Fill only to the fill line indicated on the label on the inside of the solution tank.
  2. Attach misting wand pressure hose to the quick disconnect in the pocket at the front of the machine.
  3. Turn the 3-way switch to MIST ONLY setting. (Allow approximately 30 seconds for the pump to prime).
  4. Use the wand with spray tip to spray the solution. The atomizing nozzle that is pre-installed on the wand applies the smallest micron-sized droplets and is perfect for most applications.
  5. To apply use a natural up and down or side to side motion 18” from the surface, slightly overlapping from one section to the next. Do not dwell on a spot, as this will cause over-saturation.
  6. Refill the solution tank, as recommended above, to resume cleaning.

    • Recovery Tank
    • 2.5 gallon
    • Solution Tank
    • 3.5 gallon
    • Vacuum Hose
    • 10 ft.
    • Weight (lb)
    • 36
    • Water Lift
    • 89"
    • Coverage Per Tank
    • 7,500 - 10,000 sq. ft. misting coverage per tank
    • Misting Hose Length
    • 35' with quick disconnect
    • Wand Length
    • 18"