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Standard upright vacuums are often the key component of many cleaning tasks. From basic upkeep to larger tasks like extraction or encapsulation cleaning, the agitation and direct suction provided by upright vacuums cannot be understated. In the video above, our vacuum expert walks through 4 of our most popular uprights:  

Our Vacuums Do The Hard Work For You

For carpet cleaning, nothing compares to the direct to carpet suction an upright vacuum offers. Powr-Flite offers a wide variety of upright vacuums to suit your needs. With such a variety, we recommend comparing traditional upright vacuums by focusing on four key factors: 

1. Cleaning Path

2. Filtration System

3. Motor Power

4. On-boarding Tools

Where you will be using these vacuums helps to decide the weight of each factor. For example, if you are only using the vacuum for carpeted floors, you may not need on-boarding tools to help with above ground cleaning. However, if you are looking for a more robust vacuum that can reach into dusty corners or collect dust from curtains, an incluided tool kit should be a larger priority. 

The Pro-Lite Upright - PF62EC

Aptly named, this vacuum is designed to give proffessional clean at a light weight. Weighing only 8 pounds, this machine offers powerful agitation thanks to the powerful motor. It is built with twin fans to help protect the motor and increase airflow. The Pro-Lite outperforms other lightweight vacuums on the market and has earned Bronze certification by the Carpet and Rug Institute. 


"Great vacuum and a great price. No frills or extra features that you'll never use. Just a simple, powerful and effective vacuum cleaner."

- A Powr-Flite User Review from Christopher

The Clean Air HEPA Vacuum - PF99

The next vacuum in our lineup is the PF99. We like to refer to this as our workhorse, because this vacuum was engineered to withstand years of hard use. It is made with all metal components and a double ball-bearing motor to conquer the toughest jobs. The pigtail cord design helps to extend the life of the cord and allows for quick change out, reducing downtime. Not to mention, this snap-on base plate makes maintenance a breeze.  

This machine was built for hard use and easy maintenance to help you clean for years to come. 


The final two vacuums our expert decribes in the video above have many similarities. Each are sealed HEPA vacuums which means they have met the highest classification standards for HEPA filtration giving them both the Bronze certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute and LEED Compliance. In sealed HEPA units, all the air passes through the HEPA filter, so all of the air exhausted meets HEPA standards. Each feature Quiet Technology and run at a quiet 69dB noise level and include on-board tools that lock onto the back of the unit to detail clean above ground. 

While these vacuums are quite similar they have one major feature that differentiates them: one is bagged and the other is completely bagless

The Bagged HEPA 15" Upright w/ On-Board Tools - PF82HF

The PF82HF is our bagged sealed HEPA upright. The Enviro-Clean paper bag filtration system of the PF82HF captures over 99% of pollutants and the washable HEPA filter will capture dust and allergens down to .3 microns. This bag is easily replaced which is convenient for Building Service Contractors and other professional cleaners that want to avoid carrying debris to differing jobsites. Start fresh at any jobsite! 


"One of the best I've ever used. I have been cleaning doctors offices for over 10 years and these are long lasting vacuums."

- A Powr-Flite User Review from Cathy

The Bagless HEPA 15" Upright w/ On-Board Tools - PF82DC

Finally, the PF82DC is the bagless sealed HEPA vacuum. The clear cannister lets you see directly to the filter. When it becomes about half-full simply unlock the dirt cup and empty it. When the cannister is safey locked back in place, you will be able to start up the vacuum right where you left off.