Put to the Test - Multiwash Multiwash Overview Multiwash Introduction
We sent a Multiwash to a local martial arts school to see how it measures up to their current cleaning process. The Multiwash offers quiet, high quality cleaning performance, versatility, ease of use and durability. The Multiwash Scrubber is a quick and easy solution for multiple floor types.

Riptide Multi-Surface Cleaner Introduction How-to Setup and Use the Riptide Hands-on with the Multiwash
The Riptide is a “jack of all trades” allowing you to clean everything from bathroom tile, concrete, windows and carpet. Learn how to properly setup and maintain your Riptide. Mike shows you just how simple the Multiwash Automatic Scrubber is to operate.

Choosing the Right Brush - Multiwash
Mike gives you the rundown on selecting the proper brush for your specific application on the Multiwash.





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