Prowler 9 gal. Self-Contained Extractor Introduction Airwatt Portable Carpet Extractor Introduction BlackMax Carpet Extractor Introduction
The Prowler provides superior cleaning power and leaves carpets cleaner than traditional self-contained carpet extractors. The Airwatt takes cleaning to a new level with heat and exceptional cleaning power that achieved CRI Gold from the Carpet and Rug Institute. BlackMax - the super charged portable carpet extractor with truck-mount power.


Portable Carpet Spotter Introduction How-To Replace Extractor Motor How-To Replace BlackMax Motor
Perfect for touch-up cleaning and spot removal between scheduled carpet cleanings and congested areas where larger extractors just won't fit. Alan shows you how to replace the motor in Powr-Flite mid-sized 10 gallon Carpet Extractors. Alan shows you how to replace the motor in the Powr-Flite BlackMax Carpet Extractor.

How-To Setup Your Carpet Extractor How-To Prime the Extractor Pump How-To Clean Extractor Wand Tips
Charlie gives you a quick rundown on setting up your new Extractor. Alan shows you the correct procedure for preparing and priming your Extractor Pump. Tom shares some handy tips and tricks for cleaning wand tips.

Riptide Multi-Surface Cleaner Introduction How-to Setup and Use the Riptide PFX1385 BlackMax Overview
The Riptide is a “jack of all trades” allowing you to clean everything from bathroom tile, concrete, windows and carpet. Learn how to properly setup and maintain your Riptide. The 13 gallon BlackMax is a super-charged portable carpet extractor with truck-mount power!





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