Janitorial Carts, Kits & Caddies

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Janitorial sanitation kit, Includes: Cleaning cart, Wet floor sign, 9 gallon mop bucket and Jaw grip mop handle
Catalog: $226.24
Sale!: $180.99
Janitor's cart with heavy-duty bag
Catalog: $149.99
Sale!: $119.99
Replacement bag for Janitor's cart
Folding laundry cart, six bushel capacity
Catalog: $125.61
Sale!: $100.49
Replacement bag for folding laundry cart
Catalog: $24.99
Sale!: $19.99
Small replacement bucket for JPSC - Service Cart
Cleaning caddy, Gray plastic
Catalog: $12.49
Sale!: $9.99
10 Quart Valu-Bucket, red
Catalog: $6.24
Sale!: $4.99
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