Select your pad by size or type:

White Polish Extra Fine - Extra fine pad for polishing clean dry floors. Red Spray Buff Pad - For spray buffing and light scrubbing.
Blue Clean/Spray Cleaner Pad - Use for heavy-duty scrubbing or light stripping, Green Strip Pad - For heavy-duty scrubbing and light stripping in nylon fiber.
Black Strip Pad - Wet stripping - with aggressive agent - nylon fiber for heavy-duty stripping. Heavy-Duty Black Pads- Extra aggressive open weave pad that is excellent for removal of burnished floor finishes. Highly aggressive agent embedded in pad for maximum stripping power.
Dominator Burgundy Pads - For the heaviest stripping tasks. This pad is made of extra heavy denier fiber, more abrasive grit and more open weave to produce the ultimate stripping pad. Microfiber Cleaning Pads- For sensitive environments that need a daily cleaning pad.
Ecoprep Pads - For stripping floor finish. Designed to be used wet or dry for deep scrubbing without the need of chemicals.    


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