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Lite Grit - Perfect for jobs that require minimum aggression. For daily scrubbing of a variety of tiles, marble, terrazzo and non-slip epoxy finishes. Medium Grit - An excellent general scrubbing brush for frequent maintenance cleaning. Flexible enough for cleaning narrow grout lines and uneven surfaces.
Heavy Grit - An aggressive brush for general scrubbing or stripping finishes from hard surfaces. Effectively cleans wide grout lines. Extra Heavy Grit - This heavy gauge nylon with larger grit is used for stripping heavily soiled floors, such as concrete floors in an industrial setting.
Wire Scrub - Wire scrub brushes are excellent for cleaning unfinished concrete surfaces. Poly Scrub- For economical, general scrubbing.
Bassine - Bassine is used for general scrubbing purposes. Water absorption properties make this an excellent and economical choice for hard surface scrubbing. Union Mix - A combination of palmyra and white tampico fibers for general purpose polishing.
Nylon Showerfeed - Best quality showerfeed carpet brush, nylon is flexible enough to gently scrub yet retains its "memory" for long term use. Grooved and channeled for even solution distribution. Polypropylene Showerfeed - Polypropylene showerfeed brushes are an economical alternative to nylon brushes. Bristles are slightly stiffer than nylon.
Powr-Riser Showerfeed - An adjustable showerfeed brush has a glider in the center that carries the weight of the floor machine, allowing the full bristle to clean. No more flattened brushes.    

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