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White Polish Extra Fine - Extra fine pad for polishing clean dry floors. Available from 13" to 27". Red Spray Buff Pad - For spray buffing and light scrubbing. 175 to 320 RPM.
Blue Clean/Spray Cleaner Pad - Use for heavy-duty scrubbing or light stripping, 175 to 320 RPM. Green Strip Pad - For heavy-duty scrubbing and light stripping in nylon fiber, 175 to 320 RPM.
Black Strip Pad - Wet stripping - with aggressive agent - nylon fiber for heavy-duty stripping, 175 to 320 RPM. Heavy-Duty Black Pads- Extra aggressive open weave pad that is excellent for removal of burnished floor finishes. Highly aggressive agent embedded in pad for maximum stripping power - Up to 350 RPM.
Dominator Burgandy Pads - For the heaviest stripping tasks. This pad is made of extra heavy denier fiber, more abrasive grit and more open weave to produce the ultimate stripping pad. 175 to 300 RPM. Microfiber Cleaning Pads- For sensitive environments that need a daily cleaning pad. Up to 350 RPM.


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