"We have always used the old fashion way to mop: a regular mop/mop bucket. But with an unhappy customer and employee we decided to transition to this 14" Automatic Scrubber. Believe me we felt it was a very risky to buy this machine because we thought maybe the customer will soon end our janitorial contract but we took the risk and bought anyway! We've been using this machine for the last 4mths and have noticed a VERY BIG difference! Floors are quadruple CLEANER!!!! Everyone is SUPER HAPPY!!!!!" Learn more


"The multi wash scrubber has transformed the residential floor care. It is extremely powerful yet delicate and safe. We use it on all floor types with amazing results. The machine is compact, portable , very durable, and incredibly easy and safe to use. Also cleaning and brush change is a breeze. I would recommend this machine to any one with residential or small to medium floor contracts." Learn more

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