"We purchased this vacuum to do a quick construction clean on a commercial job. Once the project was complete the vacuum came to our office. Our office has mainly black carpets and this vacuum is amazing! In our copier room we have mauve carpet with a gray border, one day while changing the toner in the copier, the cartridge fell to the floor and black toner poured out onto the gray border of the carpet. I used the wand tool and removed every bit of toner with ease and you would never know." Learn more


"Great Vacuum. We have 5 of these remarkable work horses in the business. We did have 6 but my daughter took one for her house. They are very light weight, durable and dependable."

"I bought two of these vacuums. We love them. Very light and powerful. The machine almost pulls itself across the rugs. The price point is great as well. Compared to other vacuums it stands up well. We will be buying more in the future." Learn more

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