When Floor Care Shortcuts Cause Big Problems

When Floor Care Shortcuts Cause Big Problems

Here’s the problem: A cleaning professional reported his just finished floor “looks great,” but the center areas do not.  Instead, “you can see a discoloration in the gloss.”

He applied four coats of finish and made sure the floor was dry to the touch between coats. 

However, it appears “it is the way he applied the finish that is the problem,” says Mike Englund, a 30 year-year veteran in the professional cleaning industry and product manager for Powr-Flite, a leading manufacturer of floor care equipment. 

The cleaning professional said he applied finish by “dumping it right out of a 5-gallon bucket down the middle of the floor” and then spread it with a mop. 


“This is a shortcut that can move things along faster but cause big problems,” says Englund. 


According to Englund, the gloss discoloration can be caused because:


  • The finish may have dried faster in the center, causing the gloss to appear uneven
  • Even with mopping, the center area may have a heavier concentration of finish than the outer areas
  • The finish has essentially left a footprint in the center area.

    “In some cases, the only solution is to strip the floor and start over,” says Englund.  “To prevent this problem, take the time to apply finish correctly.”


    How is this done?  Englund suggests the following:


  • Dip the mop head into the finish and slightly wring it out.  “The mop should be damp, not dripping or drenched,” Englund says.
  • Apply thin coats only
  • Start at the entranceway and apply finish along the baseboards
  • Then use a figure 8 pattern, working your way out the door
  • If using a flat mop, work back and forth to fill the center areas
  • Allow a 15 to 20 percent overlap to ensure no floor areas are missed.

  • “There are usually few shortcuts when it comes to success,” adds Englund. “That applies to floor finish too.”


    When Floor Care Shortcuts Create Big Problems

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