Airwatt Carpet Extractor with Heater - 10 Gallon, 500 PSI

Backed by the Carpet and Rug Institute's gold seal of performance, the PFX1085EAW uses pioneering innovation in carpet cleaning to deliver deep cleaning with hot water and 500 PSI! The result of this state-of-the-art engineering is an extractor with less amp draw, a cooler running motor, and remarkable water recovery. Now you can reduce the risk of blown breakers and get up to 3x the motor life of a traditional vacuum motor. 

Features include: 
• State-of-the-art, patent-pending bearing design virtually eliminates bearing failure - the number one failure on carpet extractor vacuum motors
• A high efficiency new cooling fan design keeps Ametek motor running cooler
• High-quality CAT pump that will hold up to high pressure, heat and harsh chemical
• Includes 2 25' power cords
• Includes 20' vacuum hose with insider solution line

Airwatt Carpet Extractor with Heater - 10 Gallon, 500 PSI
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Product Overview

Airwatt - the best measure of cleaning power.

Airwatt is the measurement of the cleaning/recovery power. Extractor performance has long been measured by CFM and Waterlift - Airwatt technology provides the best of both by measuring the peak performance of airflow (CFM) and suction (waterlift) at the peak performance level of operation. While long used to measure vacuum performance, especially central vacuums, Airwatts is a new concept for the extraction market.

Airwatt provides a more efficient measurement of how an extractor will perform for optimum performance.

"The new Airwatt motor from Powr-Flite is a game changer. It addresses the number one service issue we see with carpet extractors, which is bearing and vac motor failure due to the foam and moisture laden environment. As an added bonus, the low amp draw of the motor provides a margin of error, helping to avoid blowing building circuit breakers and maximizing worker productivity."

Charles DiGisco of ReSource New Jersey, Inc., has 23 years of experience in the commercial floor care and Jan/San industries. Mr. DiGisco is a well-respected commercial floor care industry educator, author, trainer, and speaker.

Frequently Bought Together

Common Wear Items

    • Solution Pressure
    • 500 p.s.i.
    • Tank Size
    • 10 gallon
    • Tools and Attachments
    • Without Tools
    • Heater Type
    • Yes
    • Vacuum Motor
    • 2-Stage
    • Solution Tank
    • 10 gallon
    • Wand Included
    • No
    • Recovery Tank
    • 8 gallon
    • Water Lift
    • 220"
    • CFM
    • 101
    • Hose
    • 20 ft.
    • Weight (lb)
    • 119
    • Items Included with Extractors
    • 20 ft. hose (1504WDS) & 2 - 25 ft. Cords (M1374)
    • Motor #
    • 72855A
    • Pump #
    • PT400DC120
    • Hose #
    • 20500WDS
    • Cord #
    • M1374