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1,200 RPM Millennium Edition Burnisher

Powr-Flite’s 1,200 RPM Millennium Edition Burnisher provides exceptionally smooth operation with a self-adjusting pad driver that burnishes unlevel surface areas evenly. Balanced weight distribution eliminates the need for a compensating caster - unlike conventional burnishers. High RPM and full pad-to-floor contact provides that high gloss "wet look" shine.

• 1,200 RPM burnishers provide great results on all types of floor finishes

• Included, 20" flexible pad driver allows full pad-to-floor contact (no compensating caster)
• Thumb activated safety interlock switch prevents accidental start ups
• Full surround non-marking bumpers help prevent damage to walls and furniture

• Each machine is assembled and tested by skilled American workers

Powr-Flite’s Millennium Edition Burnishers give you years of trouble-free operation, making it easy to bring the life back to almost any hard floor surface!


1,200 RPM Millennium Edition Burnisher

Catalog: $1,130.00
Sale!: $799.00
Model M1200-3 Work Rating 23,500 ft²/hr
Pad Diameter 20" Weight 89 lbs.
Motor 1.5 hp, UL approved Operation Control Dual lever on/off safety switch
Transmission Belt drive Warranty 10 years - housing, 2 years - motor, 1 year - parts and workmanship
RPM 1200
Power Cord 75 ft. UL listed 14/3 SJTW-A Pads Pad selection
Pad Pressure 13 lbs. Pads Driver Pad drivers
Cord Strain Relief Heavy duty metal, lock nut and spring    
Handle Tube All chrome 1.5"    
Pad Driver 20" flexible total contact driver    
Wheels Two 5" non-marking wheels    

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Frequently Asked Questions on Upright Vacuums
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◎ What do we need a burnisher for?

▸ Burnishers are used to produce a high gloss on a finished floor very quickly. The speed and forward operating motion of the burnishers allow frequent, (daily, weekly) finish coat high gloss maintenance of a floor.

◎ What pad driver do we need for our burnisher?

▸ All burnishers come equipped with a pad driver which is bolted onto the machine.

◎ What pad do I need?

▸ Only use pads that are designed for high speed burnishing.

General pad application in order of minimum to maximum aggression:

  • Beige pads - frequent burnishing of soft to medium finishes.
  • Combo pads - frequent burnishing of soft to medium finishes.
  • Porko pads - frequent burnishing of hard finishes, recommended for burnishing floors with expanded cycles of maintenance such as weekly or monthly. produces a fast shine.
  • Porko Plus pads - periodic maintenance of a finished floor. Very aggressive fast shine.

Specialty pads in order of application:

  • Luster Lite pads - can be used on any finish and produces a very high gloss on top coats.
  • Remover pads - for all finishes, removes black heel marks and restores the gloss.
  • Microfiber burnishing pads - produces high gloss on finished floors, reduces airborne dust, excellent for both resilient and non-resilient floors, capable of burnishing uneven floors without burning the edges.

◎ How do I determine which speed to buy?

▸ The typical floor finish today requires at least a 1500 RPM machine to produce satisfactory results. Specifically the Powr-Flite 1600 RPM burnishers will shine all floor finishes and will do so as well as other brand 2000 RPM burnishers as a result of the even comforming pad presure. The Powr-Flite 2000 RPM burnisher will also shine at a faster pace. Very large areas which allow a burnished single pass of 75 feet can be completed more efficiently with the 2000 RPM machine.

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