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Leasing Conserves Capital

• Provides an additional Source of Credit
• Expand Your Operating Budget
• Payment Amount is Fixed over Lease Term
• Potential Tax Advantages

Benefits of Leasing from Powr-Flite

Turn major capital expenditures into low monthly payment - leasing conserves capital. Enhance ROA and ROI ratios by eliminating balance sheet assets and their corresponding debt.
Additional source of credit - existing bank credit lines remain available for short-term needs…since leasing may not increase your debt, you may be increasing your borrowing capacity.
Enjoy tax benefits - lease payments may be 100% deductible as an operating expense. A full write-off over the lease term substantially reduces your after-tax cost. You pay for your equipment with untaxed income... instead of after-tax profits.
4. Spread the cost of equipment over several budget years... you pay as you clean!
5. Put the payment on your credit card for even more convenience!

Getting Started - Application Process

1. Visit the Powr-Flite website for equipment pricing.

2. Download and fill out the leasing application.

3. Call our in-house leasing agent at 1-800-880-2913 ext 108 to complete the process.

Credit Application (Download)

Credit Card Form (Download)

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